Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fugitive Generation (xxi)


Rachel sits on step that separates a hallway in the dormitory from rear entrance, rolls a joint, then passes it to Jim, who is standing next to her. They pass the joint to each other, back and forth, for a short time. Then Rachel stands up and she and Jim, each giggling, start to walk out of the rear entrance of the dormitory.


Jim and Rachel are watching a movie. Rachel leans closer to Jim, puts her arm around him for a few seconds and fondles his hair.


Jim and Rachel are sitting next to each other on Jim’s mattress. Their legs are stretched out and their shoes are off. They exchange a joint as they talk.

JIM: So are you planning to hang around Ann Arbor after you finish with your finals?

RACHEL: No. I want to save up for a car this summer. So when I move out of the dorm next week, I’m going to go live with my parents. And get a summer job in Columbus.

JIM: What do your parents do?

RACHEL: They’re both professors at Ohio State. Maybe that’s why I’m more into bisexuality, pot and street fighting than academic bull-shit.

JIM: You’re bisexual?

RACHEL: Aren’t we all?

Jim laughs.

JIM: Yeah, I guess we all are. Although I tend to prefer women, myself.

RACHEL: You sound like Marlene. When we were sleeping together, she used to say she was bisexual. But that she tends to prefer men.

JIM: You and Marlene were lovers?

RACHEL: (laughs) Didn’t Marlene ever mention that to you? She and I shared a dormitory room during our freshman year.


RACHEL (V.O.): And that’s when we used to sleep together.

Rachel and Marlene are in bed together with their clothes off, kissing each other passionately.


JIM: Why did you break up with her?

RACHEL: It was after Marlene and I enrolled in a self-defense course at the Women’s Martial Arts Center.

JIM: Oh. I wondered where Marlene learned that fighting stance she went into when she blocked the right-wing hothead from attacking me.


Marlene and Rachel are practicing karate kicks and punches, along with some other women, under the instruction of the SELF-DEFENSE INSTRUCTOR, 33, who’s a tall, short-haired woman.

RACHEL: (V.O.): Yeah. That’s where she learned those moves. But like I was saying, Marlene and I started going to the Women’s Martial Arts Center.


Rachel and the Self-Defense Instructor are in bed together with their clothes off. Marlene enters the dorm room, stops, looks surprised, and then quickly leaves the dorm room.

RACHEL (V.O.): But she couldn’t handle it when I started having an affair with the instructor.


Marlene and Julie are kissing each other passionately on the sofa in Julie’s living room.

RACHEL (V.O.): Then, when she and Julie started having their fling, Marlene decided she wanted to break up with me.


JIM: Julie? The Julie who works with Hal and the Black Economic Development Council?

RACHEL: That’s the one. Before she started hanging out with Hal, she and Marlene had a short fling. Then Marlene got involved with different men over the next few years. I think she’s been involved with that Roger guy lately.

Jim laughs and passes the joint back to Rachel.

JIM: Julie and Marlene. You and Marlene. You and me. It’s a small world, isn’t it?

Rachel giggles after she inhales the last bit of the roach and tosses it on the floor.

RACHEL: What else is there in life except bisexuality, pot and street fighting?

JIM: There’s romantic love.

Rachel giggles again.

RACHEL: I’ll show you some “romantic love”, Jim!

Rachel suddenly grabs Jim by the hair playfully and starts to grapple with him on the mattress. Then she and Jim start hugging and kissing each other in a more tender way.


Kelly sits behind his desk, shuffling some papers. Maloney sits behind an adjacent desk. He is reading a copy of an underground newspaper.

KELLY: The Ann Arbor office in Michigan wants to know if we have files on some organization called “People Against The Air War.”

Maloney continues to read the newspaper as he talks.

MALONEY: (still reading newspaper) “People Against The Air War”? Never heard of it. Tell them to telex to New York any information they get on that organization. Maybe it’s a “front for terrorists.”

Kelly laughs.

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