Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Fugitive Generation (xix)


Marlene and Jim are sitting behind desk where leaflets are piled. Rachel enters office.

RACHEL: I see the leaflets are ready. I'll pass some out on the Diag, in front of the library.

Marlene hands her some leaflets.

MARLENE: Did you finish that paper?

RACHEL: I stayed up till three in the morning. But I finally finished it.

Rachel turns around and starts walking out the office.

RACHEL (CONT'D): See you at the meeting tonight.

Some students from previous night's meeting enter office. Marlene hands them each leaflets.


Marlene and Jim are handing out leaflets to students walking in and out of building. Most students eagerly take a leaflet.

JIM (loudly): People Against the Air War meeting tonight at 7:30! The war is still going on! Come to an anti-war meeting tonight!

Marlene runs out of leaflets and walks over to Jim, who soon finished handing out his remaining leaflets.

MARLENE: That's all the leaflets we have.

JIM: They went fast. People here seem more interested than they are back East in taking leaflets.

Marlene looks at her watch.

MARLENE: I should try to make my history class now. See you at the meeting tonight, Jim.

Jim smiles.

JIM: Let's hope people show up.

Marlene walks across street to academic building. Jim gazes at her from behind until she enters the building.

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