Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Fugitive Generation (viii)


Jim walks up to female LIBRARY CLERK who sits behind registration desk.

JIM: I'd like to apply for a library card.

LIBRARY CLERK: Have you ever had a library card before?

JIM: Not at this library. I just moved to Ann Arbor a few days ago.

Library Clerk hands Jim application.

LIBRARY CLERK: Here's the application for you to fill out. And there's a 50 cents registration charge. You'll get a permanent library card in the mail in a few days.

JIM: Can I take out any books today?

LIBRARY CLERK: You can take out two books. We'll issue you a temporary card to use today, after you finish filling out the application.

JIM: That's great.

C.U. of Application.

Jim fills application out, enters name "Jim Wilson" in the appropriate space and writes down his Ann Arbor address on the appropriate line. Then Jim hands application back to Library Clerk, along with two quarters. Library Clerk glances at application and walks over to manual typewriter on small table behind registration desk, sits down and prepares to type.

LIBRARY CLERK: Is your legal name--"Jim"--or "James"?

JIM: "Jim." Everyone's called me "Jim" since I was a child. That's my legal name.

Library Clerk types out temporary library card for Jim, then walks back to registration desk.

LIBRARY CLERK (smiles): Here you are, Mr. Wilson.

Library Clerk hands Jim temporary library card.

JIM: Thanks.

Jim walks over to music book section of library and pulls out a Bob Dylan songbook from shelf. He checks book out at library checkout center and leaves library.

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